Welcome to the 2000 Mini Register Data and Statistics Page.

This page gives you the latest totals of cars we have details of in the various registers

Data last updated 18/12/2022

The current 2000 Classic Range Total in the register = 1969 out of 5200 cars made (37.9%). The graph below shows our progress of adding cars to the register since 2012 which in when the 2000 register started. The Cooper Sport 500 Register data started back in 2005, so by the time the 2000 Register started there were just over 100 CS500's in the register. For more detailed breakdown on the numbers by model variant, please scroll down the page.

The total number of 'classic' final edition cars made was 5200. This total includes the pre-production launch / publicity cars.

The final classic range minis had unique identifying VIN numbers, which aid identification of the model variant as follows

SAXXNP are Cooper Sport & Cooper Sport 500 variants

SAXXNR are Classic Cooper variants

SAXXNS are the Seven variant

SAXXNT are the Knightsbridge variant


Out of the 5200 total, 3494 of these were in UK Right Hand Drive form.

Right Hand Drive Classic Range Total in the register currently stands at 1817 out of 3494 (52%)

These cars are all the UK specification right hand drive models, except for the one right hand drive Knightsbridge model which was made to a Japan specification, breakdown by model variant as follows

Se7en = 151/374

Cooper Classic = 240/528

Cooper Sport = 1015/2091

Cooper Sport 500 = 410/500

Knightsbridge = 1/1


Out of the 5200 classic range total, 1706 were made in left hand drive format.

Export Left Hand Drive Classics Total in the register currently stands at 148 out of 1706 (8.7%)

These are the left hand drive European market cars, breakdown by model variant as follows

Cooper Sport = 72/704

Cooper Classic = 11/139

Seven = 12/180

Knightsbridge = 57/683


Other Related Totals

For Ever (last cars sold in France - random variants) = 8/200

Swiss Final Edition cars = 6/41

John Cooper S Works (exact total made believed less than 250) = 64/250?

Other year 2000 minis (Jan 2000 until start of final 'classic' range full production, exlcluding pre-production classic range) = 101/1976

Total of all 2000 built classic minis 2070/7176 (28.8%)

NOTE:- We are not the same group as the "Mini Cooper Register" who cater for all types of Minis, new and old and all types of Mini Coopers, we only concentrate on the final 2000/1 model year cars. We happily co-exist as a seperate club, with a specific focus on a narrow range of the total minis built.

If you are looking for the Mini Cooper Register, please click on this link to take you there http://www.minicooper.org