Join The Club!

To join the club, please email us at with the following details:-

1) Your name & address ( so we can send you the club membership card )

2) Details of any minis you own - also see the 'register your car'

For details of the benefits of joining us, see the 'club discounts' page. As part of your welcome email we will be able to tell you how far from the end of the production line you car was, and what its build date has been recorded as.

GDPR compliance:- By emailing us with you information means that you have agreed to us storing details of your name, address and car details (where applicable) for the purposes of processing your membership and keeping you updated with club events and information. Your or your car details will not stored online anywhere on the internet and we will not pass on any of your details to any 3rd party without your consent. Only high level statistics of the cars are published online as seen on the register data & statistics page. If you do not agree to this then please do not email us to join the club.

Register Your Car

To register your car, please email the following details to and we shall reply back to let you know we have recieved your details and to thankyou for your support.

Required information:-

Car type e.g. Cooper Sport

Registration No.

Chassis no. (this will start with SAXX and will be 11 letters followed by 6 numbers) - we need all 17 characters


Location (County or Country)

Optional information:-

Number of previous owners

Current Mileage




We all love to see pictures of our cars, so why not send us one of yours to go on this website? If you want your numberplate disguised, either do this yourself before sending us the photo, or tell us in an email with the photo and we will edit out the registration information.

Club Stickers

We now have club car stickers available at £2 a sticker. These are the cling type for inside the window that leave no sticky and can be moved around. Email if you would like one.