Mini Classic Cooper Page

The classic range launched in 2000 for the UK consisted of 3493 cars. Data from MG Rover confirms 528 of them were the Classic Cooper variant.

A further 139 cars were made in left hand drive format for outside of the UK, from a total of 1707 left hand drive 'classic range' cars.

This model tried to recreate the original feel of the Mini Cooper with 12" minilite alloys, twin spot lamps and white bonnet stripes, old english white mirrors and roof.

The Classic Cooper was available in Solar Red, Black, British Racing Green and Tahiti Blue colours, all with the same black part leather trim, but with body colour coded wheel arch extensions on the outside and likewise colour matched dashboard on the inside. The colour coded wheel arches and dashboard distinguishes these final Coopers to the pre-final edition cars which had a wood effect dash and black wheel arch extensions, so these are details to look out for to recognise a final edition car from all those that came before it.

We do not yet have a full breakdown of the numbers of each colour made, but for the UK right hand drive 528 cars, from the data we have gathered to date, the breakdown in numbers can be seen in the chart below, with Solar red being the dominant colour out of the four.

These cars came fitted as standard with 12" Minilite style alloy wheels with 145/70 tyres.

Optional extras were a CD Radio instead of a Radio Cassette and an electrically operated canvas sunroof.

The cars were capable of 90 mph from the 62bhp 1275 multi-point Injection (MPi) A+ Series Engine, with a quoted 0-60 mph time of 12.2 seconds. This is the same for all the standard MPi minis.

If you own one of these special cars, please get in contact with us (see the register page) to register the car - our goal is to track down all the Classic range cars to conclude how many still survive today, and to unite owners of these cars together at displays and mini shows around the country.