Cooper Sport 500 & 2000 Mini Register Donations Page

Our History

The Cooper Sport 500 Register was started back in 2003 by a gentleman called Scott, and was further developed by another 500 enthusiast Stewart. The register has continued to exist since this date, but in recent years with both Scott and Stewart leaving the UK, the presence of the register at shows had slowly declined and dissapeared.

In 2012 with some enthusiastic new owners on the scene, the Cooper Sport 500 register has started to expand again, with presence at Gaydon, Mini In the Park and Uttoxeter mini fest during 2012.

2013 and 2014 we have continued to grow, and the interest in the last minis has massively increased.

With the ever increasing interest in the remaining classic minis that are still in one piece, the creation of additonal registers for the 2000 classic range which in the case of the Cooper Sport are identical to the 500's in specification, was thought a good idea as many of the late MPi cars which are prone to corrosion have already dissapeared for good, and 'pooling' are interests as owners of late MPi cars would seem an excellent way of expanding our register / club's active number of members and would add variety for show displays, plus has the benefits of more knowledge sharing and self-help with a wide spectrum of mini experts within.

We do not have a club membership fee, and anything we do or own as a group is from donations.

Unfortunatly in these times, we have to pay for insurance to cover us for show displays which is why so many clubs have a fee to help pay for such things, so we do need to raise some money.

We do not want to insist of a membership fee, and have decided that we will survive on donations only from our members and anyone who wishes to contribute to our work of ensuring the last classic minis get the attention they deserve in the wonderful history of the car with voluntary donations.

If you would like to donate anything at all, please click on the link below which will take you to the Cooper Sport 500 Register donations page.

We appreciate your support and look forward to continuing our goals of helping owners of MPi minis all over the world.

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