Mini Classic Cooper Sport 500 Page

At the end of production of the UK Classic Range, a further 500 Cooper Sports were made as the final run-out models, and became the last batch of classic minis ever made by Rover.

These 500 cars were only made for the UK market in Right Hand Drive form, and were called the Cooper Sport 500.

This model was both mechanically and cosmetically identical to the Classic Cooper Sports with the sports pack flared wheel arches and 13" sports alloys and the stylish nickle-silver and black leather trim, polished alloy door furniture and turned-alloy fascia.

All 500's were fitted with the additional high level brake light in the back window. Around 650 of the late Cooper Sport models also had these fitted as UK legislation required cars built from August 2000 onwards to be so equiped, and the light was available as an optional extra on any late mini so do not assume because the mini has an extra brake light it is automatically a 500 - always check with the 500 Register if you are considering purchasing one.

The Classic Cooper Sport 500's were available in Solar Red, Anthracite, British Racing Green and Tahiti Blue colours, all with the same black & Nickle Silver leather trim.

The number of 500's made in each colour were as follows:- British Racing Green = 154, Tahiti Blue = 128, Solar Red = 110 and Anthracite = 108.

In addition to the car, there were a few extras that made these cars a little bit more special. Not only were they the last Rover produced minis made, but they came with a plaque in the glove box to state this fact. They also came with a signed certificate (John Cooper and Kevin Howes) stating the chassis number and that the car was one of the last 500 made to the original Sir Alec Issigonis design.

It didn't stop there either, as the cars also came with a special Cooper Sport 500 branded bag containing various Mini collectors gifts such as a T-shirt, Fleece, pocket knive, perfume atomiser, pen and more. The packs also seemed to vary from car to car and dealership to dealership.

Some of the 500 cars were purchased by John Cooper Garages and were treated to the 'S Works' upgrade, which consisted of an uprated engine, exhaust and bodywork embelishments to make them arguably even better. A few more other 500's were later taken to JCG for S works treatment by their owners.

A register of these cars has existed since 2003, and continues to grow. The team running this website are those who also run the Cooper Sport 500 Register.

For all the latest information on the 500's, head over to the Cooper Sport 500 Register dedicated website & forum and visit the very active Facebook group (search for 'Rover Mini Cooper Sport 500)