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Swiss Final Edition Page

This page is reserved for the 'Swiss final edition' Minis, which are a selection of final edition cars made in left hand drive format for Switzerland. These are believed to be the very last batch of Minis imported in 2000 by Emil Frey AG selected from the final edition cars (Cooper Sport & Knightsbrigde). The badging was implemented in Switzerland and is not an MG Rover originated scheme. The cars are identical to the other final edition cars sold, and just have the additional badges on the boot and glove box lid on the dashboard.

There were 41 Swiss Final Edition badged cars, and have seen both a Cooper Sport and Knightbridge version so far. It is not currently known if any Cooper Classic or Seven models were sold in this batch of 41 cars.

We have started a register on these cars, so please get in contact if you have a 'Swiss Final Edition' badged car.

To date we have found 7:-

No.2 Anthracite Cooper Sport

No.7 British Racing Green Cooper Sport

No.8 British Racing Green Cooper Sport

No.20 Tahiti Blue Cooper Sport

No.25 Tahiti Blue Cooper Sport

No.30 Black Knightsbridge

No.31 Black Knightsbridge