Other minis first registered in the year 2000 or later

Although the original intent of the 2000 register started out to trace the 'Classic Mini Range' as launched in March 2000, there are many other interesting cars that were built and / or first registered in 2000 or later.

Therefore this page is dedicated to those cars that were registered in the last year of mini production, some of which will have been manufactured in the year 2000, some perhaps from an earlier date.

If your car has a 'date at first registration' of 01/01/2000 or later, please get in contact so we can include your car!

If you would like a picture of your car on this page, email this to us. If you want to disguise your registration plate in the photo please do, or tell us and we will do it for you.

We also welcome non-2000 registered MPi cars to join in, so if you have any MPi classic mini, feel free to join.